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All about GCS

Who we are

An Accredited International ISO Management Systems Registrar and Certification Body with four offices in various countries, providing our service to 36 countries globally.

Our Mission

To empower Organizations in achieving business efficiency by ensuring international ISO standards and compliance frameworks are available and delivered with quality and customer focus in mind.

What we do

Provide Accredited and Certified ISO Audit, Training & Certification to companies and organizations globally for a variety of ISO Management Systems.


ISO/IEC 17021-1 Accreditation (MSCB-199)

GCS is accredited by the International Accreditation Service against ISO/IEC 17021-1, the standard for all Accredited ISO Registrars Certification Bodies globally. Choosing an Accredited Certification Body is critical to the validity and authenticity of your ISO Certificate.

IAF Recognition

The International Accreditation Forum is the governing and authoritative body for all ISO Accreditation Bodies and ISO Registrars globally. IAF recognizes and maintains a list of all ISO Registrars on their website. It is very important to ensure you choose a recognized Certification Body.

Our History

Global Compliance Service is an International ISO Certification Body & Registrar headed in Geneva Switzerland. GCS is a leading ISO Management Systems Registrar in Europe with operational offices in four location throughout the globe, providing accredited ISO Managements Audits and certification against ISO 9001. GCS also conducts other ISO Management systems certification using internally developed standards, some of which are ISO 45001, 22000 and various other standards. We work in full compliance with ISO/IEC 17021-1, and ISO 19011 Management System guidance for all ISO Certification Bodies and Registrars. GCS is an accredited registrar & certification body by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). Accreditation # MSCB-199 for the ISO 9001 Standard

Our clients and operating arrangements span in over 36 countries globally, we specialize in audits and certification of companies and persons in ISO Management Systems. Our professional certified training programs include Auditor and Lead Auditor for 9001 Quality Management Systems, 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems among others.

GCS at its core, is the culmination of industry experts from a wide range of global sectors including but not limited to Oil & Gas, Energy, Tourism & Hotel Industry, Farm and Food Supply Chains, Food Processing, Construction and Project Management. We are confident that our highly skilled team of Auditors & Trainers combined with excellent services can help you achieve global recognition. The global landscape is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, highlighting the crucial need for Standardization and certification. Global Compliance Service will bring you or your organisation to the forefront of the global ISO Certification community. 

Our Core Services

Global Compliance Service

Why Choose Us

GCS is internationally Accredited for delivering ISO Management Systems Audits and Certification, therefore your certification will be recognized globally. Our online searchable database is frequently used to verify GCS certified organizations. Join the hundreds of organizations who have already benefited from our service.

We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, we will respond to you within a few hours if not immediately. Our live customer service agents are online at all times to discuss any requirements or concerns you may have. Just click on the blue tab at the bottom-right of your screen at any time.

Our span of global offices ensures that we can deliver our services without additional expenses and enable our clients to connect with representatives within their territory, sometimes within the same country. Our network is expanding quickly and local reach is important to our long-term goals.

All GCS quotation prices are fixed-price, we do not hide or impose additional costs for our services because of market fluctuations. We usually encourage our customers to acquire additional quotations as we are confident our prices are very competitive among “Accredited” Certification bodies. Contact us for a quote to match our prices, we also accept ISO Certification  transfers for your benefit.

GCS conduct IAS Accredited Audit and Certification for ISO (9001 – Quality). GCS Accredited standards includes (14001 – Environmental), (45001 – Occupational Safety), (22000 – Food Safety) as our primary standards. Contact us if you require Audit and Certification to standards outside of these standards.

The strength of our organization lies within the experienced Auditors and Trainers. We employ, contract various Auditors and Trainers throughout the globe throughout our network of Branches and partners. All Auditors and Trainers are certified and experienced, most having more than 10 years in delivering ISO Audits and Training programs.