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Fundamental reasons which led the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention to publish six guidance documents on 14th May 2020, designed to help businesses, communities, faith-based organizations, schools, camps, day-cares and mass transit sectors, to decide whether it’s safe to reopen.

CDC Decision Trees

Guidance for the safe reopening of businesses and schools​

The CDC developed six one-page info-graphic guideline documents intended to be used for Organizations, Faith-based Organizations, Schools at various levels and Mass-transit organizations. This was designed for the safe reopening of the country on a phased approach. Prioritization of sectors, critical organizations and businesses were identified.

Questions are currently being raised on the amount of detail in these “guidance documents”. Public opinion is already suggesting this may not be enough to establish a proper plan or system for safe reopening.

GCS has extensive knowledge and experience in Auditing and Certifying against International Management Systems Standards for Quality, Environmental, Occupational Safety and Food Safety.  After stakeholder consultation and evaluation, GCS has developed a Certification Scheme for Organizations, Businesses and Schools to have an established Management System certified by GCS. This system ensures that CDC best practice guidelines are being used.

Third Party Validation​

As an Accredited Certification body, GCS can provide a 3rd party Conformance Certificate to businesses, schools, churches and organizations which implement a Management Systems using the CDC guidelines and best practices. We can support your organization by providing a “Facility Conformance Certificate” based on the CDC established guidelines.

The process involves our Certified Auditors and Industry specific experts conducting a 2 phased audit within a two-week period.

1st Phase – An audit of the organization’s documented procedures and processes in alignment with CDC’s guidelines and best practices.
2nd Phase – This is an on-site inspection of your facilities to verify implementation of recommended processes with the guideline documents, which may also involve confirmation of internal awareness, training, and communication. Offsite/ onsite interviews may be utilized.

Based on the audit scope and established criteria, the audit can result in recommendation of a “Facility Conformance Certificate” or identify gaps to be closed prior to recommendation.

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Health Certification

Establish a ‘Management System’ in compliance with CDC best practice and guidelines.​

  • GCS can guide you through the process to establish, implement, and maintain the system to achieve a robust, and safe environment.
  • The ‘Facilities Conformance Certification’ can benefit your organization by
        1. Verification of your Health & Safety standards
        2. Promotion of your Organizational Management Systems.