Audit & Certification​

You can submit a request for quotation by clicking the “request a quote” red tab at the top right corner of this website. You will receive a customized quotation within 24 Hrs. 

Yes, you can contact us to receive a customized quotation for certificate transfer, we will maintain the same Audit cycle and you will be given a GCS Certification with the same details as your last Registrar.

We offer payment plans to companies who qualify for credit, you can contact your local or regional GCS offices to discuss or enquire further on this subject as each case may be different

Once certified by GCS, your ISO Certificate will be available via our online Database, this database is used by organizations globally to verify or connect with suitable partners for Joint-venture and contract opportunities.

As a Certification body, for impartiality and objectivity, we do not conduct ISO Implementation or recommend any specific ISO consultant. We can refer you to several ISO consultants who we interacted with and have proven themselves via successful projects, some would have been past 3rd party ISO auditors. Contact us for a list of referrals in your country or region.

Personnel Training & E-learning​

GCS has four levels of trainings (Introduction, Requirements, Internal Auditor and Lead Auditor) for the following standards. ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 22000. We also conduct training for Management Consultants in ISO 20700.

Our online training platform have several advantages, some being a lower cost than classroom delivery, as much as 30% less. 100% online, work at your own pace and times. The certificate achieved online is the same credential as the classroom training and can be validated via our online portal. 

Our training courses are developed, verified and modified by Industry experts using experienced ISO Auditors and Trainers. As an Accredited ISO Registrar and Certification body, we have the necessary experience to create courses with value and not generic out-of-the-box materials.

Our first time pass rate is an average of 98%. Our trainers and online Learning Management Systems ensure that delegates are constantly tested on each segment to ensure the learning outcomes are achieved. In the event a delegate does not pass an exam, he or she will be allowed to sit the exam free of charge within a 12 month time-frame. Online participants will have access to their course materials for study until their next re-take within 12 months.

We facilitate payment plans and group discounts for qualifying organizations. Contact your local GCS office or representative to discuss the eligibility of this option if necessary.

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