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How Do You Become ISO Certified

How Do You Become ISO 9001 Certified?

So, How Do You Become ISO Certified exactly?  Let’s take a look at how do you become iso 9000 certified.

The first step that you should do is prepare for this implementation.  ISO 9001 is nothing but a positive addition to any company.  However, the certification does come with some work.  While many companies give the leadership position to a team member, some companies prefer to have the owner do the implementation.  So, before you begin, determine how you’d like the implementation structured.  

While your business is going to greatly benefit from being ISO 9001 certified in efficiency, improved internal operations, and profitability it will also provide marketing advantages due to some companies only want to work with other certified companies. 

Determining how you will go about it

How Do You Become ISO Certified?
How Do You Become ISO Certified?​

There are various ways to implement your ISO 9001, with the easiest being hiring a professional company that does it day in and day out.  This is certainly an added cost, however, think about how much faster and more efficient they would be at the monumental task.  Setting the stage to start your ISO 9001 could be very overwhelming for some owners.  Hiring is simply a no-brainer.  While you hire the professionals, they will be up in your business to ensure that they fully understand what they are implementing. This can also be helpful if you have areas that could use a little improvement, as they might see that and offer some assistance.

While having the professional come in and work with you to get your implementation complete, you could also go with the hands-off approach.  This is where they do everything for you.  This sort of approach is appealing to the busy business owner. 

Other options for your ISO 9001 certifications.

There are also certifications kits that you can get for your internal people.  These kits offer support and guidance on how to do the implementation yourself.  Doing it yourself without a kit is also an option but it is a very slow and time-consuming option, however, the costs are low as well.  

You need to choose what you think will work best for your company.  There isn’t any one answer that fits all companies.  It is up to you.  Similar to many things in life, if you have more time or more money. 

You will need to figure out who is going to spearhead this process.  They need to be someone that people within the organization will listen to and respect.  Typically it is a person that is already in the quality department as they understand the quality workflow.  

If you have more than one location, then each location needs to have its own management in place, along with one person that everyone meets with.  This is an undertaking, as they aren’t all under the same roof.  This is a great time to get the locations in sync with one another.  

Training and Awareness

Training and awareness are key in implementing ISO 9001 and after you are certified.  This is very important so that you people will know what is expected of them.  To start, talk to your management team.  They need to be on board with this implementation as you will rely on them to do their part in filling out the various procedures that they do and work with.  Explain to them that it is going to be a process and to prepare for the process but when it is done it will actually make their lives easier.  Once there are policies and procedures in place the workflow will simply follow what was written.  This will allow for less training overall, as there is consistency.  

One thing to expect the upper management to wonder is what the cost of all of this is and is worth it. Of course, you being the business owner understand that this is going to make things better.  However, they may not see it as clearly. You need to have these answers ready for them.  In some way, everyone in your company will be affected by this.  If you are upfront, open, and honest, then you will have less resistance.  This ensures much success at the completion of the certification.  

Get everyone on board.

You want everyone on board for this.  It is important that you explain to them the importance.  Talk about how it not only helps your business as a whole but how it helps them.  

You need to plan for this.  This is a process, it is not going to happen overnight.  Think about how you are going to convey to your employees.  Ensure that they are on board, this is very important.