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Internationally Accredited Certification & Inspection Body

GCS Provides Accredited ISO Audit, inspection and Certification services globally. We assist organizations to leverage opportunities provided by establishing a position on the global market.
We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service, our live service reps are online to answer any of your questions, just click the blue button on the bottom-right of your screen at anytime.

Service Financing Options Available

  1. Designed for Small to Medium Sized Companies
  2. Available to new and existing ISO certified organizations
  3. Access finance up to 30,000 usd
  4. No down-payment with low monthly payment plan (3-year term)
  5. Efficient and reliable application process (48 Hrs)

Our Services

ISO Audit and Certification

GCS provides Accredited ISO audit and certifications globally for ISO 9001. We also Audit and certify many other ISO standards in accordance with GCS internal Procedures.

ISO Personnel Training

GCS Certified Training courses are globally recognized and have been developed primarily for Auditors, Consultants, Managers, and Corpora...​

ISO E-learning Courses

Selective courses can be completed 100% online at your own pace, our online e-learning academy has been tested to conform with industry regu..​​

Why Choose US

GCS MSCB-199 International Accreditation

GCS is Accredited by the International Accreditation Service(MSCB-199) for ISO/ IEC 17021-1, the standard for all International Registrars and Certification Bodies. GCS is also listed on the IAF list of Accredited Registrars.

GCS Realibility and Service

GCS customer base is primarily small to medium size companies. We understand the limitations, conditions and issues small businesses are faced with. We specialize in assisting these type of companies to achieve ISO 9001.

Global Compliance Service Locations

We have established four global offices that are responsible for delivering service to 36 countries globally. This allows us to better service our clients, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Helping Small Businesses achieve Global Recognition for the last 26 years​

Global trade, competition and access to contracts, opportunities and investment have become increasingly difficult for SME’s and micro-businesses. International recognition is perceived as a difficult task for some, most reasons being either considered to be too small, lack of information, need for too much support, and the cost of ISO certification.

GCS, from inception, understands these factors and limitations, thus have established a proven system to support organizations throughout their journey to ISO 9001 Certification.  

Our Auditors are all qualified and experienced in Management Systems audits, most are past ISO 9001 consultants and lecturers. We ensure that each auditor assigned to your case has knowledge and/ or experience in your specific industry.

As a Certification body, we cannot assist in any consultancy or Implementation, we can either conduct a pre-assessment to verify your readiness for ISO Audit, or we can connect you with independent consultants or companies in your country who have the necessary expertise in your area. Contact us for details.

Please reach out to us at anytime for initial questions or discussions surrounding your particular issue. Are you stuck with implementation? Just wanted an insight into the cost for the ISO Audit & certification? Or maybe you want to achieve ISO 9001 Certification but don’t know where to start. Please, just send us a message, or click in the blue tab at the bottom-right of your screen to speak to our Customer Service Agents who are always online.

Designed primarily for SME’s. GCS ISO 9001 EasyPay makes ISO certification affordable to all. Available to new and existing ISO clients, this facility features ISO financing up to 50,000 USD. No down-payment and fast approval process. More info…

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